Temperature to pour plates

Aaron Pawlyk aaron at netnews.upenn.edu
Wed Feb 1 22:21:50 EST 1995

WmsFan (wmsfan at aol.com) wrote:
: Here's an easy one for you microbiologists. My son is doing a simple
: science experiment looking at the effect of temperature on growth rates of
: bacteria in milk. We got some sterile agar and plates from a local
: company. We melted the agar, added milk to the plates with sterile
: pipettes, and are about to pour the media....but I imagine we could
: sterilize the milk if we pour the agar too hot. What temperature should we
: cool the agar to before we pour it?

: Thanks. 

I'd suggest waiting until you touch the agar for about 10 seconds without it
hurting.  If you're measuring the temperature, I'd say roughly 50 degrees 
centigrade.  Also, I wouldn't put an unsterile thermometer into the agar.
Use one of those thermometers you stick on fishtanks.  

If you don't have a sterile thermometer or an external thermometer, just go by
touch.  Just make sure the agar doesn't start clumping.

			-- Aaron

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