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Subject: Clontech libraries
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Date: 31 Jan 1995 04:17:05 -0500
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>Recently, I have spent a lot of time screening for numerous genes in a
>Clontech cDNA library.  The inserts are supposed to be excised with
> Unfortunately, 50% of the clones that I have purified do not seem to be
>excised, despite cutting of the vector (I can see two bands after
>digestion).  I am concerned about the quality of the library, given these
>problems with the linker sequences.  I do not want to cut with Hind III
>and Ava 1.  Has anyone else had similar problems? 

Yes, the EcoRI sites were missing from a Clontech human fetal liver cDNA
gt11 library that I used a few years ago - it looked as though some exo'
activity may have resulted in blunt end ligation. 

>Any solutions? 

PCR the insert with vector-specific primers and subclone - use Pfu pol or
similar and do at least two independent PCRs if you're worried about

Colin Dolphin

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