Does Schleicher & Schuell BA-S 85 go off????

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Wed Feb 1 11:06:43 EST 1995

jpcd0 at (John Dixon) writes:

>In our lab we have several packets of Schleicher and Schuell BA-S 85
>nitrocellulose currently in use for southern blotting. No one has recorded
>when the packets were opened but some of them have been around for well
>over a year. Some of us have been using other membranes (Hybond
>N/Genescreen) mainly because of variable results obtained with the S & S.

>Somebody recently suggested that the membranes once opened should be
>stored in a desiccating environment or something and that basically if
>they aren't protected from the atmosphere they go off. We rang the company
>and we think they said (they spoke German and we didn't) that the
>membranes should be fine for a couple of years but may be effected by

>One of the group thinks that he can tell a dodgy membrane in advance by
>looking for a 'rippling' in the membrane that gives it a mildly corrugated
>appearance but we have yet to compare a rippled with an unrippled.

>Anyone know anything about this?

>TIA,  John

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	I recently had a lot of problems with a lot of S&S.  Suddenly,
the transfer efficiency (Turboblot) dropped significantly.  I complained
to S&S and they sent me a replacement.  Worked like a charm.  Yes, they
do "go off," but S&S won't seem to admit to it.

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