'Magnespheres', 'Dynabeads' etc.

A.Marchant marchaa at agric.nsw.gov.au
Wed Feb 1 19:21:40 EST 1995

I have several questions concerning manipulations of DNA using
biotinylated nucleic acid and streptavidin-attached paramagnetic particles.

1)  What is the difference between 'Dynabeads' (Dynal, Oslo), and
'Magnespheres' (Promega, Madison)?  Are there other similar things on the
market?  Is there an el cheapo DIY method of doing the same thing?

2)  How robust is the streptavidin/biotin bond?  What is its chemical
nature?  Can it be selectively broken?

3)  What's the point of magnetic separation anyway, when you could just
spin down, change the buffer, and re-suspend in a new buffer?  Why not a
stationary phase format, like Quiagen and other chromatography-like

Could people reply to me via E-mail, please, as it is difficult for me to
check the newsgroups often.

		Adam Marchant
		marchaa at agric.nsw.gov.au

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