DNA purification: Quiagen, glassmilk etc

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> A couple of questions about DNA purification:
> 1)  What's the best (ie, best ratio of 
> (yield,quality):(effort,expense,difficulty)) way of purifying DNA
> from a complex dirty mixture?  What is the difference between 'glassmilk' and
> 'silica gel'?  Is Quiagen really as good as their advertising says?  Do
> Quiagen sell their resin separately from their prepared tips, so that I
> can make up my own format with it?
> 2)  What is the chemistry of the binding/release of DNA from Quiagen resin
> and from silica?
> 3)  How clean does your homogenate have to be before you can use this
> stuff?  Is cation concentration the only important thing involved in the
> specific binding and release?

I have not an email address of qiagen...however, their is a company called
the Nest Group...that sells a rival resin
column...nestgrp at world.std.com...they may be able to answer some of the
chemistry questions....



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