Cracked/wrinkled sequencing gel.

o. van-ham ovanham at
Thu Feb 2 10:31:35 EST 1995

I've just prepared an 8% sequencing gel using the bio rad Sequi-Gen 
system.  The gel was poured yesterday and left over night covered with 
seran wrap.  It was made using a sharks tooth comb and wedged shaped 
spacers, and was clamped at the top (to keep the comb tight).  This 
morning I noticed some wrinkles/fractures in one corner of the gel, near 
the top.  As I'm pre-warming the gel, prior to loading, the fractures are 
spreading across the top of the gel and down into it.  I'll try running 
it nonetheless, but would hope to prevent this from happening again.

If anyone has had this happen, and been able to correct the problem, 
please post the solution, or e-mail me directly at: ovanham at


Oded Van-Ham

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