reference manager?

Stephen R. Lasky, Ph.D. Stephen_Lasky at
Thu Feb 2 10:02:25 EST 1995

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> I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate post, but I imagine that some of
you must
> have some experience with reference managers that are specifically formatted
> for scientific journals.  I'm looking for the best software package to manage
> references, create bibliographies with different formats (depending on the
> journal I'm submitting to), accept downloaded info from current content
> searches, etc. We use IBMs in the lab, so the program has to be
compatible with
> DOS and Window. I've heard of EndNote, ProCite and Papyrus(?). Do any of you
> use these? What do you think about them? 
> Thanks for your help. Camella
> You can email me directly at cbailey at

I used to use Reference Manager but have switched to Endnote Plus (Both on
a mac).  I think that Endnote is better than RefMan, but there is a
problem, on Mac's anyway, in that it doesn't work with Word6 and probably
won't for a while.  Don't know if this is true on the IBM versions.

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