best polyA+ from total RNA method??

neale at neale at
Wed Feb 1 18:46:32 EST 1995

I was wondering if anyone had a strong recommendation of method for
purification of poly A+ RNA from total RNA. The samples of total RNA that we
have are about 300 ug each. We could pool some if necessary.

We could purify poly A+ directly from cells if that is thought superior to
purifying from total RNA. It's just that we already have the total RNA, and
know that our gene of interest is expressed in these samples.

We wish to use the poly A+ RNA for cDNA library construction. It's been a while
(5 years) since I've had to do this and so I thought there may be an improved
method for selection of poly A+ other than oligo dT column chromatography (eg
magnetic beads-dT)

               Thanks in advance for your help.

Geoff Neale

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