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> We need some new quartz spectrophotometer cells for use in DNA and 
> especially mRNA quantitation (see, it IS a molecular biology question
> almost!). At my previous postion we had catalogs for several companies
> which specialized in cuvettes and other glassware, but I don't have their 
> names or numbers with me here, and the people who do the ordering here 
> tend to just grab the first big thick catalog off the shelf without 
> looking for the best source....
> Any suggestions? Phone and FAX numbers for sources in the U.S.
> would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Michael R. Frank

Hey, Michael:

Our lab purchased quartz cuvettes from a company in Brooklyn call
Scientific Cell.  They have worked very well; the company also sells
matched sets of cuvettes.

Phone:  718 268 6887.  sorry, i don't know the fax number.



or Michelle

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