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Fri Feb 3 15:02:39 EST 1995

Cambridge Healthtech Institute is sponsoring a conference: 
"Advances  in Genetic Screening and Diagnosis of Human Diseases,"
to be held March 9-10, 1995 in San Francisco, California.

Breakthroughs in understanding the genetic basis for 
inherited diseases and genes that determine predisposition 
to a number of other more common disorders are occurring 
almost weekly.  This is the result of technical advances 
spinning off of the Human Genome Project, and a recognition 
of the tremendous medical and commercial value of such 
capabilities.  A number of the disorders for which gene 
identification is being pursued will be highlighted.  Part 
of the growth in genetic testing will occur as the number of 
genes for which tests become available explodes in the next 
few years.  Another key factor will be the potential for 
drastic reductions in costs, which will shift the emphasis 
from single application testing of high risk individuals to 
preventive screeniing of much broader populations.  New 
technology, including chip-based devices, will make it 
possible to simultaneously test for many genes and 
mutations.  These developments will force enormous changes 
in healthcare, insurance and society.  A number of speakers 
will address the anticipated impact of these changes, as 
well as commercial implications of these new tests.  A panel 
of executives from four of the leading diagnostic companies 
will conclude the meeting with discussion of their vision of 
the key issues and challenges for this field.

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