Is pcr derived sequence acceptable for publication?

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Fri Feb 3 09:56:29 EST 1995

In Article <3gputi$pjp at>, bltihi at (Timo Hiltunen) wrote:
>Martin Leach (leach at wrote:
>: Sequence it on both strands and publish the primers with the
>: sequence...and reaction conditions of is done A LOT!
>I disagree because I think the primer sequences should NOT 
>be published with the sequence.
>If you meant the primer sequences to be published in the comment 
>or some other lines, separated from the real sequence, then I agree.
>Timo Hiltunen, 
>from the University of Tampere, Medical School

Please tell us, why not? If you don't publish the primers and PCR
conditions, no one will be able to confirm your results by repeating the
experiment. Leaving this information out would be BAD science, IMO.
Including the primer sequence as a part of the entire DNA fragment sequence
obtained may or may not be appropriate, but this information should
definitely be included somewhere in the publication.

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