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   Is there anybody out there who knows about a list of restriction 
   enzymes with the following informations:

   The name
   The availabolity from several companies
   The number of units per ul
   The buffer conditions
   The price

   Thanks a lot for any answer !!
   My e-mail is: 100331.3506 at

   Best Regards, Ulli Thoenes

[I posted this in response to a similar question a few months ago, but
I guess I'll repeat it here, since no one else has volunteered it yet.]

Yes, someone here has put together such a listing, which he is making
commercially available.  It's called Anderson's Timesaving Comparative
Guide, Restriction Enzyme Edition; by Roger Anderson.  It is very
comprehensive (includes all known commercial sources, with pricing
info), & is updated 2X/yr.  I'm not sure if it contains buffer info,
tho.  Contact:

Anderson Publications
PO Box 36 
Monrovia, CA 91017-0036

818 358-0579 (Voice/FAX answering system)

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I do know Roger Anderson (not very well, but it's a
small department), and yes, I did originally hear about this product
from him at the weekly Beer^H^H^H^HSocial Hour.  However,

a) I do not stand to gain financially (or otherwise) by this posting, &

b) I am posting purely on my own initiative -- I was not approached by
Roger, nor anyone acting as his agent, blah blah blah.  I just think
that this is a great product, directly relevant to the posted
question, & the community should know about it.  That having been
said, I think I am well within the official Bionet commercial posting

                                   -Anita Gould
                                    anita at

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