Blood Collection & Treatment

Peter Yamamoto pjyamamo at
Mon Feb 6 11:22:18 EST 1995

In article <95035.123515U27111 at>,  <U27111 at> wrote:
>They have to report to Judge Ito on Mon. how they plan to test for
>the EDTA (or it's by-products).  I for one am not sure how they
>would do this... but I'm sure some med tech somewhere would?

Ito said: What evidence, What kind of test, Why.
Then he said, well, I can figure out the why.
The prosecution said: We don't know how we are going to test...
Judge Ito said, I just want to know what kind of test, not how.
Prosecution said, Oh, just what...
Judge said, yes.

In other words, for the socks, it suffices to say they want to test for
EDTA, not how and not why.

How many discussions here go off into space because "important" people
mix up a word or two!?! Please be careful what you write and what you
read into what people write!-)

Anybody else see Ito's impatience with both parties when they do
things like this? Sure they are under a lot of stress but they should
be "in the mood" now and instead of babbling on, why not just ask:
"Judge, did you ask us to specify how the test was to be done?" instead
of going on and on (then again, 99% of that is for the camera, I


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