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>>They have to report to Judge Ito on Mon. how they plan to test for
>>the EDTA (or it's by-products).  

> Ito said: What evidence, What kind of test, Why.
> Then he said, well, I can figure out the why.
> The prosecution said: We don't know how we are going to test...
> Judge Ito said, I just want to know what kind of test, not how.
> Prosecution said, Oh, just what...
> Judge said, yes.
> In other words, for the socks, it suffices to say they want to test for
> EDTA, not how and not why.
> Peter
Peter, Do you have access to the trial transcripts from Friday already.  I know 
how to get then from AOL, but so far they have only posted up to Thursday.  Are 
the transcripts available on WWW earlier?  If so, where are they located?  Is 
this issue also being discussed on the reagents NG on the BioNet?
Have you heard anything about the defense already having done the tests.  I have 
received private E-Mail that positives (for EDTA) have already been found, but 
defense won't release info until prosecution can verify (in a week).  Do you 
know what samples (if any) the defense has already received?

Henry N Fox Chapel

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