List of restriction enzymes

Annette Meyer meyer01 at
Tue Feb 7 11:30:53 EST 1995

I have a book called "Restriction Enzymes User's Handbook"  (1993-1994) that has
the info you want.  Publisher is Helixx Technologies, 21 Canadian Rd, Unit 23
Scarborough, Ontario MIR 5G2 Canada.  Phone (4160 750-8850.  Fac (416)750-8866.
It cost about $55 (US) as I recall.  I've been very satisfied with it, and use
it frequently when I'm cloning.

There's also a Database maintained (I think) by NE Biolabs called REBASE
(Anybody out there from Biolabs want to provide specifics?)

Usual disclaimers--Not connected either with Helixx or NEB.
Just another Gene Jockey

Happy cloning.

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