T7 polymerase stable expression in eukaryotic cells?

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> Does anybody know about a vector that will stably express T7 polymerase
> in human or mouse cells, to a fairly high level? This is to put a gene
> of interest into these cells to be expressed from a T7 promoter (safety
> considerations), either by vaccinia or by transient transfection.
> Of course, we could clone the gene ourselves in pcDNA3... :-) 
> please e-mail: sebastian.springer at clinical-medicine.oxford.ac.uk
> Thanks!

T7 RNAP can be used in eukaryotic systems and Vacinea T7 vectors for the
expression of proteins do exist and have been published.  I don't have the
reference/s on hand but I believe the paper is by W. Alexander with B.
Moss and T. Fuerst.  I'm not sure if a more recent paper has made it to
press but a refinement of the system with a temperature sensistive lac
repressor has been accomplished.  These vectors were made at MedImmune
Inc. but might be obtained from the Bernie Moss lab and NIAID NIH.

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