3' UTR as probes

Michael Gerdes mg690769 at bcm.tmc.edu
Tue Feb 7 14:59:54 EST 1995

In article <9502031535.AA15279 at phinet.smithkline.com> pattonaj%phvax.dnet at sb.com writes:
>Does anyone have any experience or impressions of using regions to the 3' UTR
>as probes for Northerns and/or in situs. It's been suggested to me to use this
>region to design probes to distinguish between members of a family of proteins.
>What do you think? I've not seen anyone in the literature using probes to this
>region so the alarm bells are ringing. 
>Any comments welcome.

These probes should work, as I have successfully used about a dozen or so 
that were isolated with differential display PCR.  Keep in mind that these 
regions are not well conserved between species typically, and can contain 
repetative like elements- so it would help if you have sequenced through 
the region that you plan to use and run it through a sequence search.

mg690769 at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu

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