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Richard M. Rohan rrohan at
Tue Feb 7 13:18:01 EST 1995

On 2 Feb 1995, Clemens Suter-Crazzolara wrote:
> a question about semi-quantitative PCR: I would like to have
> a control primer pair of a gene that is constitutively expressed
> in the eukaryotic (rat) cell. 

Ribosomal protein L19 has been used successfully in rat ovarian cells (see
recent publication by J. Orly & J. Richards, Endocrinology 1994 or past
publications by K. Mayo or D. Linzer for details).  We use RPL19 riboprobe
routinely to correct RNase protection assays.  It is still very abundant
but hopefully not as abundant as your S12.

Also, the abovementioned groups have used the RPL19 primers in simultaneous

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