best polyA+ from total RNA method??

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Mon Feb 6 11:15:57 EST 1995

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> I was wondering if anyone had a strong recommendation of method for
> purification of poly A+ RNA from total RNA. The samples of total RNA that we
> have are about 300 ug each. We could pool some if necessary.
> We could purify poly A+ directly from cells if that is thought superior to
> purifying from total RNA. It's just that we already have the total RNA, and
> know that our gene of interest is expressed in these samples.

i have used the Invitrogen Poly-A Tract kit for isolation of poly-A+ RNA
from both total RNA and directly from cells with similarly good results
(quality, yield, etc.) and similar amounts of work.  they are an oligo-dT
cellulose column but it's a spin column and is very quick and relatively

one other interesting note is that the first time i used the kit, it was a
rather old kit, past it's expiration date and it worked just as well as the
one that i ordered after using up that kit.  don't know if that matters to
you, but i thought that it was kind of nice.

good luck,


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