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Tue Feb 7 12:50:40 EST 1995

belas at (Bob Belas) wrote:
(some excised here...)
> Yep, it's true for the DOS version of Endnote Plus V2.0 as well. To format a 
> WFW6 doc, you convert it to RTF format, use Endnote to format the citations, 
> then translate it back to WFW6 format.   I think Endnote is a great product 
> for Macs; it interfaces nicely with a wordprocessor and makes it easy to add 
> references to manuscripts.  However, Endnote is awful with Windows and WFW6.  
> You have to open up a DOS window and slip back and forth from Windows to DOS.  
> (It not a pretty site, even with a 486-66 and 16 MB RAM.)  What's more, don't 
> try formatting a manuscript with too many citations (I forgot, but 250 seems 
> to be the upper limit).  If your doc has lots of citations, Endnote burps and 
> refuses to process it.  There is a cure: format citations only, then go to 
> export and use the export cited references only option.  Join the two 
> independent files with your wordprocessor (ugh).   I keep waiting and hoping 
> that Niles And Associates develops the long waited Windows version, but these 
> guys aren't going to win any races.  I guess they feel satisfied that they 
> don't have to rush.  Maybe that biz needs some new competitors.
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FYI -- I was talking to the folks at EndNote a few days ago about the 
plug-in module for Word6 for Mac, and they promise it will be available "within a 
couple of months". Apparently they have had to rewrite it from the ground up
in order to work with the new Word....This might also explain why it is
taking them so long to do a WFW6 version....(it would also help if MS
would get it right BEFORE release, instead of making all powermac users
inadvertant beta-testers!  ;-)  )

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