RNase inhibitor does not work ???

S. LaBonne labonnes at csc.albany.edu
Tue Feb 7 19:23:53 EST 1995

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>Does anyone has similar experience with RNase inhibitor? I wonder whether this 
>is a batch of bad RNase inhibitor from Ambion. Could RNase inhibitors from 
>other sources (Promega, BRL, stratagene) perform better in a similar test?
>Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Well, I think we need to know:  1) what is Ambion's definition of a unit
of inhibitor activity, and 2) what was the specific activity of your
RNase stock.  From your description, it seems possible that you simply
added an excess of RNase over inhibitor, but it's impossible to know
for sure without additional information.

Another thing- is this Ambion inhibitor a peptide, like Promega's?
With peptide inhibitors the dangerous part of your procedure is the
moment when you add the phenol/chloroform- if there's a lot of RNase
present, and if the inhibitor denatures slightly faster than the RNase
(which is not unlikely), you've got trouble.  

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