Ethanol Precipitating of Genomic DNA

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Wed Feb 8 11:09:17 EST 1995

On 8 Feb 1995 14:20:26 GMT you said:
>I am preparing genomic mouse DNA , (which I want to keep large)
>It all goes well until I do the final ethanol ppt
>at this point when I spin it I dont get a nice pellet
>but a globby mass and its almost imposibble to take of the
>so my questios are
>a)What g force would others spin there DNA at to pellet it
>b)any other solutions to this problem
>Michael Rhodes

I am isolating genomic DNA from cells in tissue culture, and after EtOH ppt
I spin them at ~9200xg in a fixed angle Sorval rotor for 5 minutes.  This
seems to pellet it most of the time.  An different way may be to collect
your DNa on a heat sealed Pasteur glass pipet, transfer it to another tube,
and wash it with 70% EtOH.  Of course this depends on the amount of and
purpose for the isolated DNA.  I hope I was some help!

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