Ethanol Precipitating of Genomic DNA

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> I am preparing genomic mouse DNA , (which I want to keep large)
> It all goes well until I do the final ethanol ppt 
> at this point when I spin it I dont get a nice pellet
> but a globby mass and its almost imposibble to take of the
> ethanol
> so my questios are
> a)What g force would others spin there DNA at to pellet it
> b)any other solutions to this problem

I spin any genomic prep at 13000 RPM in a small labtop centrifuge..(sorry
dont know the xg off the top of my head)

Is the ethanol 100% ?

Worst case would be to completely dry off the ethanol...although you would
get a lot of extra salt in the final could do
this several times...using 70% ethanol in subsequent washes to get rid of
the salt...

just my twopenny ha'penny



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