Barbara Incerti incertb at dibit.hsr.it
Tue Feb 7 17:38:33 EST 1995


        I intend to start work on a new project using knock-out techniques.
Since I have limited experience in this field I would like to have
suggestions about... everything!
Do you know were to find information about the different strains of mice?
There are books that you recommend me to read (I already have Gene
Targeting, IRL Press;  Gene Targeting, Sedivy & Joyner; and Guide to
Techniques in Mouse Development, Methods in Enzymology).
Since in my lab none has projects involving knockout techniques, I would
like to communicate with people that are working in this field (be careful
I will bore you with thousands of questiones.....!).

I would be extremaly appreciative if you could help me.

Thank you, in anticipation


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