Oligo Machines - Millipore Expedite vs Beckman Oligo 1000/1000M

AShaw5 ashaw5 at aol.com
Wed Feb 8 22:20:24 EST 1995

I would say the major advantage of these machines is convenience.  Once
you get used to getting your oligo within hours of deciding that you need
one, two-three days seems too long.  We have used the Beckman and an ABI
machine.  I think that the ABI machine is more dependable.  We have had
many little mechanical problems with the Beckman machine.  The smaller
chemistry suggests that it should be cheaper, but we found our best
results occurred when all reagents were purchased from Beckman rather than
buying in bulk from ABI.  But the Beckman machin is smaller and much
faster.  I have not facts, but my gut feeling is that I trust ABI oligos
more.  Hope this helps.
Andrey Shaw

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