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We regularly use a digest of pUC19 using Sau3a.  It gives a nice 
distribution of bands between 1000bp and 78bp.   Very good for PCR 
product sizing...

> >Our lab is spending a fortune on manufactured Kb ladder -- does anyone
> >have any good suggestions for making our own? We want one for both high
> >M.W. (1-20kb), and low M.W. (0-1kb). I know lambda digested with HindIII is
> >one possibility (where can one get PLAIN, W.T. lambda phage? what e-coli
> >strain is best for their propagation?), but any other suggestions would
> >be greatly appreciated.
> >-- Heidi
> >.
> >.

> I don't know how to get full coverage of all the sizes you want; we
> use a BstEII - Cla I double digest of lambda, which gives the following:

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