Feb Posting of Biotech Companies on the NET!

Martin D. Leach leach at bu.edu
Thu Feb 9 17:13:09 EST 1995

Hi netters,

here is my most up to date list....
most is taken from my web page...I am posting this for those with no
access to the WWW.
Commercial Biotech Net sites

List of Commercial Net sites/Email addresses for Molecular Biologists

Web/ftp/gopher...other sites...alphabetically

AT&T 800 Directory

Selected 800-numbers

Biological products
Chemicals - Manufacturing
Radioactive Materials
Radioactivity Instruments, supplies and Service
Scientific Apparatus & Instruments


Beckman Instruments

Biotechniques on-line information
telnet biotechnet.com
.....at "Username" prompt type: BIOTECH....at "Password" prompt type: TECHNIQUE

Fisher Scientific

GibcoBRL Life Technologies


Jackson Laboratories

Lamp Technology, Inc.

Lehle Seeds


New England Bioloabs


Spectrocell Inc.

E-mail addresses
5prime at Biotechnet.com - 5 Prime -> 3 Prime
ATBIOCHEM at Biotechnet.com - AT Biochem
Bio101 at Biotechnet.com - Bio101
Biotechnet at Biotechnet.com - BioTechNet
Advbtn at Biotechnet.com - BioTechniques
Bioventure at Biotechnet.com - BioVenture Publishing
techhelp at epicentre.com - Epicentre Technologies
DNASIS at Biotechnet.com - Hitachi
IEC at Biotechnet.com - IEC
IMED at Biotechnet.com - I-MED Document Retrieval
Markserve at Biotechnet.com - Marketing Services Management
MDRSYS at Biotechnet.com - MDR Systems
MBPI at Biotechnet.com - Molecular Bioproducts
MSI at Biotechnet.com - Micron Separations
NBI at Biotechnet.com - National Biosciences
nestgrp at world.std.com - The Nest Group.
Owlsci at Biotechnet.com - Owl Scientific
Pangeasys at Biotechnet.com - Pangea Systems
Photometrics at Biotechnet.com - Photometrics<
Prinsep at Biotechnet.com - Princeton Separations
QCB at Biotechnet.com - Quality Control Biochemicals
Resgen at Biotechnet.com - Research Genetics
Savant1 at Biotechnet.com - Savant Instruments
Somatogen at Biotechnet.com - Somatogen
Stereogene at Biotechnet.com - Stereogene
Summitbio at Biotechnet.com - Summit biotechnology
Takara at Biotechnet.com - Takara Biochemicals
techcomp at HK.Super.NET - Techcomp.
Tropix at Biotechnet.com - Tropix

oops nearly forgot the stuff included with the molbio FAQ

Ambion, Inc.
E-mail: techserv at ambion.com

Amersham Life Science - USB
Barbara Grossmann
Phone: (800) 321-9322 x142
Fax: (216) 360-0974
E-mail: dr277 at cleveland.freenet.edu

Amersham Corporation
Will Volny
Phone: 1 (800) 341-7543
Fax: 1 (708) 437-1640
E-mail: p00475 at psilink.com

Applied Biosystems
Morgan Conrad
Phone: (415) 570-6667
E-mail: mpc at apldbio.com
E-mail: info at apldbio.com for technical service
E-mail: biobytes at apldbio.com for computational information

Biometra Inc.
Tony Sanchez
Phone: (800) 932-7250
FAX: (813) 287-5163
e-mail: Biometra at biotechnet.com

Bio-Rad Laboratories
Connie Rickey
Phone: (510) 741-6781
E-mail: crickey at haley.genetics.bio-rad.com

CLONTECH Laboratories, Inc.                              !
4030 Fabian Way
Palo Alto
CA 94303-9605, U.S.A.
E-mail: tech at clontech.com

FMC BioProducts
Doug Robinson
Phone: (800) 521-0390
Fax: (800) 362-1133
E-mail: biotechserv at fmc.com

Genomed, Inc.
Rusty Soots
Phone: (800) 436-6548
Fax: (919) 870-9352
E-mail: glennsey at rock.concert.net

Tony Cruz
Phone: (415) 964-7024
Fax: (415) 964-3537
E-mail: tcruz at genpharm.com

GraphPad Software
Paige Searle & Dr. Harvey Motulsky
Phone:(800) 388-GPAD or 619-457-3909
Fax: 619-457-8141
E-mail: GraphPad at mcimail.com

Life Science Resources
Rusty Soots
Phone: (919) 481-4718
Fax: (919) 870-9352
E-mail: glennsey at rock.concert.net

Life Technologies, Inc. (GIBCO-BRL)
Joseph Crouse
Phone: (301) 840-4135
Fax: (301) 670-8599
E-mail: GIBCO BRL at aol.com

MJ Research
Michael Finney
Phone:  (800) 729-2165
Fax:  (617) 923-8080
Outside USA, call local distributor.
E-mail:  tech at mjr.com
E-mail:  sales at mjr.com

New England BioLabs Ltd. (NEB)
David Pritchard
Phone: (905) 672-3370
Fax: (905) 672-3414
E-mail: pritchard at ca.neb.com
Telephone orders: 1-800-632-5227 (1-800-NEB-LABS)
Technical assistance: 1-800-632-7799
FAX (orders and technical assistance): 1-508-921-1350
E-mail: info at neb.com
E-mail: info at ca.neb.com for inquiries within Canada
E-mail: info at uk.neb.com for inquiries within the UK

Promega Corporation
E-mail: biotec at pslc.psl.wisc.edu

Schleicher & Schuell (S+S)
Janet LaRoche
Phone: (603) 352-3810
Fax: (603) 357-3627
E-mail: kieron at sands.mv.com 
Telephone orders & Technical assistance: 1-800-245-4024
FAX (orders and technical assistance): 1-603-357-7700

Sam Marsh
Phone: (800) 424-5444 x4400
Fax: (619) 535-0034
E-mail: sam_marsh at stratagene.com
E-mail: tech_services at stratagene.com

Synapsys Corp.
Fax: (617) 272-6179
E-mail: synapsys at world.std.com

Keith Steward also maintains a list of biotech sites

To add your company to this list..mail me....

this list is a compilation of a number of sources...thanx to you all...and
can be reached at:
(for those with web access...)

Please let me know what does/not work and I will try and keep this updated
and post it monthly for people interested....

Alternatively...could this be incorporated into the faq????


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