TA Cloning: a skeptic

Tanya Reichert reichert at bio.bu.edu
Thu Feb 9 16:42:03 EST 1995

This may be a really stupid question but...Why is the TA vector (in whatever
incarnation - Invitrogen, own making) unstable?  If you resuspend it in 
clean, nuclease-free water or buffer, how does it self-destruct?  One view
I read was that the T's come off.  How is that possible?  Does the phospho-
diester bond hydrolyze spontaneously?  Am I totally off my rocker in being 
a skeptic of this degradation / instability?  Or is this some marketing 
gimmick of the manufacturer?

I guess the bottom line is that I'm having a bloody awful time trying to 
subclone my PCR products and all this frustration is making me grouchy.

May the PCR and cloning gods smile upon all of us.


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