Q: how to preserve amphipods for later DNA extraction?

VALERIE PARTRIDGE 740271p at axe.acadiau.ca
Thu Feb 9 12:45:01 EST 1995

Does anyone have experience in preserving amphipods for transport, storage,
and eventual DNA extraction (PCR)?

I have access to protocols and primers for fresh-frozen amphipods (though
I'd be most happy to hear other people's suggestions for primers and 
extraction protocols), but I haven't found information on how to preserve
and store the critters when freezing them in the grinding buffer isn't
practical -- specifically, for traveling/shipping.

The main criteria are:
	1) able to cross international boundaries and trans-oceanic flights
	   without fuss or muss	(i.e., LEGAL and practicable)
	2) simple enough that a neophyte (yours truly) can do it in the field

Ability to store the amphipods for long periods at room temperature would
be a plus.

Thanks in advance for any help.

V. A. Partridge
740271p at axe.acadiau.ca

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