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>   kimmerly at (Bill Kimmerly) writes:
>  At the DOE Human Genome Contractor's Meeting in Santa fe this
>  past November I heard a talk discussing the use of an enzyme called
>  CviJI in creating "random" blunt-end fragments from a large target.
>  The enzyme's specificity was RC/GY > RC/GR > YC/GY.  Yes, I know
>  it is not truly random, nevertheless I am interested in exploring its
>  utilty in library construction.  Does anyone know of a commercial source
>  of this enzyme?  Any first-hand experience, recommendations, do's & don't's
>  are, of course also welcome.  Thanks in advance for any help.
>  Regards,
>  Bill Kimmerly
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>  Human Genome Center
>  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
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CviJ1 is a restriction enzyme isolated originally from Chlorella-like green
algae infected with the virus IL-3A.  (The enzyme is encoded by the
viral DNA;  Cvi stands for Chlorella virus).  

Here's a reference:
Xia, Burbank, Uher, Rabussay, and Van Etten.  1987.  IL-3A virus
infection of a Chlorella-like green algo induces a DNA restriction 
endonuclease with novel sequence specificity.  Nucleic Acids Research
15:  6075-6090.

Try contacting:
James L. Van Etten
Dept. Plant Pathology
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE  68583-0722

Good Luck,

Steve Danko
Scientist II
Genencor International, Inc.
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