Best price list for molbio supplies, reagents?

Fri Feb 10 11:00:21 EST 1995

Considering the "sticker shock" on some routine expendible items, I wonder if 
a "best price list" would be of interest to this newsgroup?  

For instance, we were about to order 25mm/0.45 micron syringe filters through 
a popular large distributor - the lowest price *after* our academic discount 
of the brand we've purchased in the past was 100 for $117.00, but a recent 
flier from a smaller distributor had a different brand but at $59.00/100 units 
without academic pricing.

Obviously, the lowest price does not take into account quality or special 
pricing arrangements with various institutions, and therefore, the list could 
be used as a resource for comparison shopping and the decision to order a 
lower price item at the expense of questionable/unknown quality is left to the 

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