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Fri Feb 10 12:26:14 EST 1995

In article: <3hcg3a$rul at>  prinbow at (Prinbow) writes:
> i am looking for a way to do patent searches, specifically biotech patent
> searches , on the internet.  also, if there are any newsgroups that
> discuss biotech patent and licensing issues i would appreciate a point in
> the right direction
> thanks

The US patents for the previous 12 months are available by gopher to the US
patent office on Normal WAIS searches possible. Diagrams aren't
available but all text is. You can also use WWW but I don't now the URL. I 
find that from the UK the link is slow so I tend to search via gopher then pull
any patents from their ftp server (same address), located by number.

You can also gopher to the European patent office ( but I've never 
sucessfully searched for anything - just throws up junk. I haven't found 
anything for Japan.


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