H2O2 & superoxide

Lars Henrik Oestergaard lho at biobase.dk
Sat Feb 11 07:00:55 EST 1995


As I'm just about to enter a new world - I hope someone is able to
give me a little advice (usefull references & hints)...

What I want to do is to measure the amounts of hydrogenperoxide &
superoxide produced by an oxidase during catalysis!

One way of doing this is by coupling the oxidase-assay with assays
of catalase & superoxide-dismutase?

Have any of you ever tried this? I would also be gratefull for any
references on these matters. The references don't have to involve
couples of the catalase/superoxide-dismuatese assays to oxidase, 
some general articles on how to do these assays would be great!

Thanks a lot

Lars H. Ostergaard
ICMB, University of Edinburgh

(e-mail: l.h.ostergaard at sms.ed.ac.uk or lho at biobase.dk)

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