best polyA+ from total RNA method??

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at
Sun Feb 12 01:17:01 EST 1995

Eric C. Anderson (anderson at wrote:
: In article <1995Feb1.174632.8825 at mbcf>, neale at wrote:

: > I was wondering if anyone had a strong recommendation of method for
: > purification of poly A+ RNA from total RNA. The samples of total RNA that we
: > have are about 300 ug each. We could pool some if necessary.

We've used the magnetic method (oligo dT's coupled to magenetic beads)
with good luck. I prefer it over the traditional oligo dT cellulose
method. Much faster. Got my kit from Promega. Dynal also sells the kit.

Shiao Wang
sywang at

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