fluorescence microscopy

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Fri Feb 10 13:58:51 EST 1995

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>> As a newcomer in fluorescence microscopy I would appreciate any advice
>> concerning the following problem:
>> Does anyone has experience using  DABCO (1,4-diazabicyclo [2.2.2] - octane
>> or p-Phenylenediamine in fluorescence microscopy. Which of both can you
>> recommend or in which special case is one better than the other one.
>> thanks - Christoph Grunau

>give n-propyl gallate a thought.  it is cheap and effective in reducing
>bleaching. So good, it made it to Science as a method paper.
>Giloh and Sedat Science 217,1252-1255 (1982)

In my hands DABCO works better than n-propyl gallate. But I'm also
using NaN3 in the mixture, and there was a paper (I think last year)
in which the authors showed that the most positive effect of 
reducing the bleaching comes from NaN3. 

Hope this helps,

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