REQ: company for 3-keto-octanoyl-coA!!

Richard_Heath heath at
Sat Feb 11 15:55:53 EST 1995

Fred - can you buy the 3-keto octanoic acid?  (I haven't looked).  You can then
chemically attach it to CoA yourself by a simple one step procedure.  Can't lay
my hands on a ref right now, but let me know if you need more info.


In article <1995Feb6.110308.17386 at>, fred <f.s.wouters at> writes:
> Hi everybody,
> I am in serious need of a (commercial) source of 3-keto-octanoyl-coA.
> Sigma doesn't seem to sell it and I can't find any other company that
> might sell these kind of compounds. I need your help!! I don't want to
> synthesize it from a precursor because I really need it urgently. Please,
> anybody who knows where to get it or thinks he knows a (doesn't matter
> how exotic) company that might sell these kind of compounds, contact me
> or post it in this thread.
> Thanx a zillion in advance,
> Fred (f.s.wouters at

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