isoamyl alcohol

Tim Hutchin hutchin at
Mon Feb 13 12:12:54 EST 1995

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(Marc A. Borbely) wrote:

> i have looked everywhere but can't find an answer:
> why in the world is isoamyl alcohol used together with phenol and 
> chloroform for extraction of nucleic acids?
> I've asked this on and the only response i've gotten so far was 
> that it keeps down foaming. Other people have suggested that it serves to 
> "catch"  proteins that are too hydrophilic for the organic compounds and 
> too hydrophobic for the aqueous layer.

I've onlt ever heard of it being used as an anti foaming agent.  But it
can also be used to remove ethidium bromide so perhaps it might help
remove proteins bound to the DNA????


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