reference manager?

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Mon Feb 13 08:15:04 EST 1995

In Article <3hb37l$54o at>, guilher at (Guilherme
Co. Oliveira) wrote:
>  Hi, all of the things you guys have described having difficulty with endnote,
such as interfacing with word processors, updating referencies, captuiring
>references, etc, I perform quite easily with reference manager for windows.
>I am very satisfied with the software, and would recomend it.

Question: does RefMan operate from within one's word processing program? For
example, previous versions of EndNote Plus were able to run from within MS
Word, and the EndNote commands would appear in the MS Word menus, thus
making the two programs function as one. The complaint from users of the
newer version of EndNote seems to be that this is no longer possible (for
now). While this was very convenient, it wasn't necessary at all. I think
some Mac users became accustomed to this feature, and now they're not happy
about losing it with the update. With the new PowerMacs, lots of new
software is being written, and now the software developers need to get Word
and EndNote to work together in this fashion once again. In any case, it is
still a very useful program, and does everything I need it to do, even if
the commands don't appear in my word processor.

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