isoamyl alcohol

Jose Luis Diaz de Leon jldeleon at CALAFIA.UABCS.MX
Mon Feb 13 20:52:03 EST 1995

Besides catching up soluble proteins (by precipitation), I think helps to 
create an interphase between Chloroform and Phenol.
Jose Luis.

On 13 Feb 1995, Marc A. Borbely wrote:

> i have looked everywhere but can't find an answer:
> why in the world is isoamyl alcohol used together with phenol and 
> chloroform for extraction of nucleic acids?
> I've asked this on and the only response i've gotten so far was 
> that it keeps down foaming. Other people have suggested that it serves to 
> "catch"  proteins that are too hydrophilic for the organic compounds and 
> too hydrophobic for the aqueous layer.

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