RT-activity of Taq polymerase, HELP!!!!

Martin D. Leach leach at bu.edu
Tue Feb 14 15:03:56 EST 1995

In article <1995Feb14.120235.3272 at nedcu0>, Jorge.Hernandez at bota.unine.ch wrote:

> Hello netters!
> When analyzing gene expression by RT-PCR (consult Simpson et al., 1992, NAR 
> Vol 20, 5861-5862), I obtained positive signals (bands at the expected
size) in
> PCR (control) reactions without reverse transcription. It seems that Taq poly-
> merase in certain conditions can exhibit some RT-activity. Does anyone know
> of references concerning this problem? I use DNAse I treated total RNA
> (soybean) and Super Taq polymerase (P.H. Stehelin & Cie AG, Basel).
> All suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,

I remember perkin elmer selling a Taq enzyme that was a reverse
transcriptase, but could be made to act like a DNA polymerase in certain
buffer conditions...they sold this as a kit....I think they would have the
type of reference you are looking for...

BTW...am not affiliated with Perkin Elmer....

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