semi-quant pcr

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara un691cs at
Tue Feb 14 08:20:25 EST 1995

> Besides b-actin wwhich the primers and mimics are available from 
> CClontech, there is the RAT Histone 3.3 gene (Alcohol Vol. 10, 
> pp.185-189, 1993) it is supposedly a cell cycle independent 
> constitutively expressed gene.  Both b-actin and H3.3 are not rare, but 
> that is why they are constitutively expressed and called "housekeepers". 
> I am developing H.3. primers now in order to use in RT-PCR and then I 
> will make the mimic so I can quantitate.  Both genes are much less than a 
> ribosomal gene in amounts.
But there must also be housekeeping genes that are expressed at relatively
low abundancies also, which are constitutively expressed....
How about things like U-RNAs or proteasomes or rare ribosomal proteins ?

Does anybody have any ideas or seen some article with info ?

clemens, heidelberg

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