psl301 (invitrogen vector) - PROBLEMS!!!

lramamurthy at lramamurthy at
Sun Feb 12 20:13:17 EST 1995

netsurfers: has been difficult to make large preps of plasmid DNA of a 11kb
gene cloned into psl301 (invitrogen)..whether by Qiagen (particularly
pathetic) or by CsCl..among the various theories, has been that this
plasmid construct is very slow in replicating..and so is unable to make
sufficient amounts of plasmid..etc..the scary part is i have to still
put in another 5 kb of DNA as as the final step of the targeting vector,
..any words of wisdom from someone who has worked with this particular
plasmid from invitrogen..
thanks, Lakshman.
PS: dejectedly..i have already started another strategy..but i would
still like to use this...urgent!!

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