differential display PCR

Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Wed Feb 15 00:10:42 EST 1995

David M Grieger (grieger at ksu.ksu.edu) wrote:
: Dear Netters:
: We have a need to do differential display PCR, but have no experience with it, but do have PCR experience.  The first question is, is it worth trying to set up ourselves, or would it be better to send our RNA out to a facility to run it for us.  Secondl
y, has anyone had experience (and success) with using the GenHunter kit and protocol RNAmap"

I don't think sending your RNA to be differentially displayed is better than
doing it yourself. It took me 4 months to make my DDRT work. I didn't any kit
protocol just reagents. I modified almost EVERY step including the
concentrations,temperatures and times. However the satisfaction after victory
was pheneomenol. You can learn tons by carrying out your own DDRT. I used the
materials from Perkin Elmer's GeneAmp kit but did not follow any of their
protocol. It was all made up. DDRT can be a very expensive experiment.
Good luck.\
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