multi-primer PCR screening protocol

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Frank Baas (antropo) (kotech at wrote:
: In article <D3LGwn.110 at>, rogbel at (Roger Belusa kbh) writes:
: > Hi netter,
: > I have some questions to ask. First, when I'm doing a RT-PCR and using 
: > the Pfu DNA pol. (Stratagene) I don't get any products but if I use Taq 
: > or other polymerases it works. could it be the potassium in the RT-mix 
: > that inhibits the Pfu? 
: > -- 
: > Roger.Belusa at

: Dear Roger
: Pfu proofreading activity will efficiently degrade your cDNA.
: Taq will not.
: Make new primers!
: Andy G

I don't understand your argument andy. Assuming the primers are specific there
is nothing wrong with using pfu.
please elaborate.
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