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Tue Feb 14 17:23:22 EST 1995

sorry for this badly formatted posting. It was the first time I used
the windows based AIR netnews programme. Apparently it did not work very
well. Back to my unix editor here comes the message again:

 hello netters of this large group,

 some time ago I posted a question regarding the use of bacterial alkaline
 phosphatase to the immunology newsgroup. 
 However I got only little response. Here my question for this audience:

 Has anyone experience with the use of bacterial (E.coli) alkaline 
 phosphatase as a marker enzyme for immuoassays? Of  course  the activity 
 of the bacterial AP is lower than that of the most often used calf 
 intestine AP but there is also some mess with units (e.g. different pH 
 optimum. I know  few reports describing the use of bAP but I would be more
 confident if I hear about experiences from real life. 
 The background is to use recombinant bAP as a cheaper source for conjugation
 of antibodies. Commercial available calf intestine AP (e.g. Pierce) is 
 really expensive. Does someone have an expression vector available?
 (There is one from IBI/Kodak, but I just give it a try)

 Any comments are wellcome


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