Does anyone use GelReader? Help Please

Mike Schon-Hegrad schon at
Wed Feb 15 21:38:34 EST 1995

Hi there,

We recently downloaded GelReader from NCSA as we felt we could use such an
application here at the Institute.  We've spent quite a bit of time
reading the manual and trying the examples, however, we've come across a
few problems which we've not been able to solve.

Firstly, the example given in the samples files, does not seem to
correspond to the example mentioned in the manual, particularly when it
comes to the Standard L/HindiIII. As a consequence, we've not been able to
generate a report for weights with the example.  We always get an error to
the effect that the example has more bands than the standard chosen.

Even when we put in our own standards and look at one of our gels, we've
not be able to get "Generate Report" to highlight in the menu when we have
"Weights" selected in the Gel Reader Preferences. We can get it to
highlight and give us a report if we select "Distances" or "Intensities",
but not "Weights".

Is there anyone who can tell us if we are doing something wrong?

Also, does anyone know whether NCSA are still supporting Gel Reader?  What
is its status?  Is there a discussion group or listserver for this
application? Does anyone have any views or experience with this

We are using the latest version of Gel Reader available from NCSA on an LC
630 running system 7.5

Thanks in advance for any help or advice that can be provided.


Mike Schon-Hegrad
University of Western Australia

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