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Eric Silber silber at orfeo.Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Feb 15 18:57:49 EST 1995

Well after my original posting , it was pointed out to me that such a project
would be impractical because it was more less like trying to grow an organized,
isolated tissue in-vitro ( i.e. the endocrine environment, the 
vascularization, and the this and the that
are not there in-vitro).  

That all seems plausible to me, but if fermentation
can be scaled-up , why not mammalian cell culture? Is it , in fact the same
answer as in the previous paragraph? 

If mammalian cell-culture could be scaled up, then maybe we couldn't 
grow 'steaks' in-vitro, but maybe some kind of artificial tissues
derived from a mammalian cell line, but not from cutting up a mammal.

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>>>> forgive this outsider's intrusion into a very specific group
>>>> ( bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts ), but it is the closest thing I can find
>>>> to the appropriate place to post this question:
>>>> Is there any current research and/or biotech development which would
>>>> make it possible to produce large quantities of cultured muscle-fibers ?
>>>> The point of the question is whether now or in the near future
>>>> biotech will make it possible to 'grow chicken breasts' (so to speak)
>>>> so that some form of meat-like products can be marketed which are
>>>> NOT derived from the abuse and/or killing of animals?
>>>> If this is technically possible, and industrially feasible,
>>>> it would seem that it could have major implications.
>>>The short answer is no, you can't grow meat in vitro.
>>>    Tracy
>>It's possible if you can afford it.  For a nice dinner, you will have to
>>consume 1 million culture dishes.  If you shop around, you may get bargain of
>>one buck per dish.
>> is possible.  But you had to consume 1 million culture dishes just for a
>Without killing any animals? How? Do you know about some immortal cell lines
>I am not aware of? Please give us some details here!
>    tracy

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