DNA Strider Question

Chris Seidel seidel at mendel.berkeley.edu
Wed Feb 15 18:18:41 EST 1995

Does anyone out there use DNA Strider (Mac Program for manipulating
and analyzing DNA/Protein sequences) and know if it is possible
to do a digest with only one or a few enzymes? There is a "digest"
option on the menu for restriction enzymes, but when selected
it responds with "No Enzymes Selected". I've searched in vain for
a way to "select" individual enzymes and had no progress. After
asking around, others have had the same problem and simply
given up. Generating comprehensive digests or finding unique
sites is no problem. (I have access to other software to do digests
but would like to know if this is possible with DNA Strider - since
the option appears to be there).

So my question is simply: Does anyone know how to do a single digest
using DNA Strider? (Or how to select enzymes under the "digest" option?)


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