DNA Strider

Chris Seidel seidel at mendel.berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 16 18:13:16 EST 1995

> So my question is simply: Does anyone know how to do a single digest 
> using DNA Strider? (Or how to select enzymes under the "digest" option?) 

It's all in the manual (if you've registered the program for $200, see the 
About Strider box).

- I actually had the impression (however false) that Strider was
  FreeWare because when I checked the "about box" looking for useful
		information, there was no mention of a registration fee, only 
  a message that if a users manual was desired to write to Christian
  Marck in France, via snail mail, which seemed an easy month turn around

In article <jpcd0-1602951411250001 at macr1-4.welc.cam.ac.uk>, 
jpcd0 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk (John Dixon) writes:
> P.S. BTW, does anyone know if it is possible to deselect enzymes 
> when generating a full restriction map, to avoid the huge stacks of 
> four cutters above the sequence and the enormous list of tiddly 
> fragments in the site analysis below? 

The only way I know of doing this is to delete enzymes manually from your
data file.  In the same way, you can add new enzymes.

- I tried modifying this file when I had the original problem, using
  the word processor that it was originally created in, and had problems
  with Strider crashing. Do you have any hints about how to modify it?
  e.g. What word processor/editor do you use, and what format do you
  choose to save it in?

- *** Chris ***

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