9-cis retinoic acid

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> Hello,
> We are working with a small binding protein for hydrophobic ligands.
> To test the hypothesis that it binds 9-cis retinoic acid and as such 
> sequesters it from the RXR receptor, like speculated for cellular
> retinoic acid binding protein and the RAR, we have to perform in vitro
> binding studies. 
> Can anyone direct me to a supplier of radioactive 9-cis RA (its not
> available from Amersham) or to any other source?
Torsten:  I just got a flier that listed tritiated 9-cis RA on it.  It is
new from  Amersham.. There was a mistake in the price column that listed
9c-RA for 420,900 US dollars for 50 microcuries.  The new catalog lists it
as 420 dollars US for 50 microcuries and 900 for 250 microcuries.  The
SpAct is betwen 30 and 60 Ci/mMol, so 50 microcuries should be good enough
for quite a few assays.  Catalog # is TRK 1023, and the item is on page
364 of the new catalog.  I would suggest that you see if you can avoid
paying the list price.  If you are going to use any reasonable amount of
this chemical, the price should come down to about half of so (I think
that I pay about 50% of the list price for tritiated VD3).  Talk to the
sales rep about the price.

Hope that helps.


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